Eastern Gulnir

The great human kingdom of Gulnir stretches from the Gray Mountains in the east, to the western Conath Ocean, and from the icy reaches of the Northern Plains to the Black Forest in the south. The Corallion dynasty has reigned for the past millennia, watching over Gulnir and ensuring its survival.

The history of Gulnir is defined by conflict with the Shandaran Empire. The shandarans are humanoids, but their bestial appearance has caused much strife with humanity. It is a rare decade that does not see a war declared by one side or the other. Much knowledge has been lost in the centuries of battle, and now, nobody knows who struck the original blow, but to the citizens of the rival nations, it does not matter. Both humans and shandarans have committed atrocities against the others, though they are quick to justify their actions.

Little is known about the actual society of the shandar. Their ruler is the Val’nath; they despise humans and take their ears as trophies; they are as adept with technology and magic as humanity; they are shapeshifters, though to what degree is unknown.

Nine years of peace are about to end. King Gavin Corallion has put forth a call to adventurers, putting a bounty on shandarans. It is time, he thunders, to rid the world of their evil and claim their lands for humanity.

Yet there are more threats to Gulnir’s prosperity than Shandar. An outbreak of disease that many fear heralds a new plague has struck Knavesmire, and the Tay Swamps, never a safe place, has seen a surge of monster activity. The barbarians that roam the Northern Plains have stepped up their raids. And, perhaps worst of all, persistent rumors from western Gulnir of the death of Prince Auric Corallion IV spread.

Gulnir is in a period of turmoil, perhaps great upheaval. A small band of adventurers, unaware of their destiny, have the power to save or doom the kingdom with their actions.

Shandaran War