Shandaran War

4/8 Game Session

Exploring the Fallen Fortress

Elandria, Rye, and Silva met after answering Sergeant Alma Kearnen’s call for adventurers. Sgt. Kearnen offered them a job to reconnoiter the recently opened Fallen Fortress, and bring back her overdue scout, Balenar Forsend. The adventurers set out, some motivated by greed, others by the desire to help.

At the Fortress, they found a tower badly damaged by the earthquake. They cleaned out a few nuisance animals, including a spider that could not accurately shoot a web to save its life, before climbing up the pile of rubble to the second floor. They were shocked by the appearance of a lizard, and sickened by the stench of troglodytes. They progressed through the tower, methodically searching every room. On the fourth floor, they freed Balenar and returned his equipment to him.

At the top of the tower, the fifth floor, they fought against Tasskar, a demented troglodyte druid with dreams of conquest. His dreams were for naught, however, as the adventurers put him down with ease. His albino crocodile companion soon followed. Buoyed by their victory, the adventurers returned to Knavesmire and received the promised 1000 gold.



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