Alan Hawtrey

Historian and librarian.


Alan is a military historian who runs the Knavesmire library. His life has been dedicated to studying the history of Gulnir, including the many, many battles with Shandar. He also has taken a special interest in the legends of the Qularn, the fabled necromantic cult that ruled over what is now Gulnir a millenia ago. Few people believe the Qularn are anything more than the monsters of fabled stories, but Alan is convinced they were real.

Recently, Alan found a codebook the he claims originated with the Qularn. He recreated a signal in the book, and to his horror, realized that the Qularn were not entirely gone. Rather, they were dormant undead, and he had just signaled them to attack Knavesmire. Worse, local gang leader Nessian, leader of the War Hounders, stole the book and abducted him.

The adventurers Silva, Rye, and Elandria rescued Alan from a watery death at the bottom of Loch Tay, and after hearing his story, they proceeded to beat back the Qularn operatives in the granary before subduing Nessian and his gang and recovering the codebook.

Alan Hawtrey

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