Sergeant Alma Kearnen

Sergeant in Knavesmire city guard.


Sergeant Alma Kearnen is a blunt, rough-speaking woman. Frequent skirmishes with law-breakers and monsters have left her with several missing teeth, marring a face that never would have won a beauty contest in the first place. She takes her duties in the city guard seriously, and protecting Knavesmire from the monsters that roam through the Tay swamps is her life.

Recently, the outbreak of disease has taken a heavy toll on the city guard, and the lack of able-bodied guards has put additional stress on Kearnen. The increased monster activity around the Fallen Fortress could not have come at a worse time. Determined to protect Knavesmire, she led a small squad of men to the Fallen Fortress, leaving the city perilously low on guards.

Sergeant Alma Kearnen

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